Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dog Weapons

Retrieving bolts
    Golden-tufted crossbow bolts. Feel kind of stupid in the hand.
    Drag struck creatures backwards.

Dirt knife
    Jumpy dagger with itchy, stocky, wire-wrapped handle.
    Vermin bane.

Flushing spear
    Long spear with a bifurcated, wavy head.
    Strains towards nearest hiding creature, granting holder advantage to find them.

Pit cestus
    Stinky, tooth-studded bandages with a thick metal ring around the middle knuckles.
    Advantage to maintain (not enter or escape) a grapple.

Barrel-down greatsword
    Huge blade is perpetually cold and damp. Banded, barrel-like wooden handle.
    Once per day, dispenses medicinal brandy from handle (as healing potion, plus tipsy).

Hounding blade
    Baying is heard in the distance when this short sword is drawn.
    Checks to track anyone hurt by this blade have advantage until the wound is healed.

Puppy shot
    Wiggly and soft arrows, bolts, or stones.
    For each damage that would be dealt, instead a healthy puppy drops to the ground. If reared to adulthood, might have hints of struck creature.

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