Monday, April 7, 2014

character origin crimes

Roll 2d6 four times:

2d6You...your...out of...but...
2murderedemployermadnessyou liked it.
3attackedteacheraddictionyou'd do it again.
4swindleddebtorsfearyou almost got away with it.
5robbedcommunityjealousyit needed to be done.
6abandonedpositionloveyou have nothing to show for it.
7slightedliegedesperationthey can't really prove it.
8desertedspousevengeanceyour memory is hazy.
9obeyedchildconvictionit gnaws at you.
10denouncedlandgreedyou were ordered to.
11defamedancestorsinactionthere was precedent.
12blasphemedchurchcuriosityyou were framed.

Each column is very broadly ranged from material/carnal to conceptual/intellectual which could allow different settings to tweak their results for each fairly easily with a positive or negative modifier. Like if you wanted characters with reasonable doubt as to their guilt, add 4 to your roll in the last column.

Some tests!
  • You slighted your spouse out of vengeance but they can't really prove it.
  • You obeyed your liege out of love but there was precedent.
  • You defamed your liege out of desperation but you have nothing to show for it.
  • You murdered your ancestors out of inaction but you almost got away with it.