Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Gods in the Sky

This is a pantheon for an upcoming 5th edition game. The things in the sky, the suns, moons, comets, and stars, are god. They are not worshiped as gods, they are not manifestations of gods - that sun, that moon, is a living entity of massive power that tugs on your own life.

Each god aligns with one or two of the 5th edition clerical domains, and holds several things as sacred to itself. In the game there will be a deck of cards dealt out to the group as a meta-game - that will probably be another post, but I'll use their images here.

Besohur, the Bright Brother

Holds Sacred: Hearts, Gold, Clouds, Bread.

The bright, warm, yellow sun. Clouds are his children, who play around him, and watch the sky as he rests.

Life & Tempest Domains

Everything that walks under the sky is considered by Besohur. His light and the rain of his children nourish them.

Selwolur, the Sun Sister

Holds Sacred: Eyes, Silver, Arrows, Maps.

A tiny, bright-white sun whose radiance pierces the clouds. She sometimes brings a half-day of harsh shadows when it would otherwise be night, defying the moons.

Light & Knowledge Domains

Selwolur appears suddenly, thirstingly, pressing through darkness and mist, illuminating secrets and dark places.

Maku Phoon, the Manic Moon

Holds Sacred: Tongues, Copper, Birds, Wine.

This silver-gray orb roils across the sky, flashing with lightning. Of the moons, it is most commonly seen in the day, seemingly taunting Selwolur.

Tempest & War Domains

Maku Phoon is a herald of destruction and panic. Its whelming alien storms sometimes whip Besohur's nourishing children into a thunderous frenzy. Under its strobing gaze, tempers flare and wills crumble, swords are unsheathed and blood flashes like lightning across the pulsing sky.

Muxadroon, the Moulting Moon

Holds Sacred: Bones, Lead, Insects, Knives.

A stark white moon, clouded with debris and riddled with craters, which creeps across the sky. Flakes sometimes crash to the ground, bearing strange creatures.

Trickery & Life Domains

Unlike Besohur's holdings, all life that springs and spurts in darkness sways to Muxadroon. Worms and beetles that gnaw in hidden places are its.

Wechilon, the Watching One

Holds Sacred: Brains, Glass, Chalk, Wands.

A four-faced pyramid of metal, struck with channels and runes. Its face shifts abruptly to no pattern discovered by astrologers. It is well known that in ages past Wechilonwas the world's arch-mage who ascended to her great palace in the sky and assumed the mantle of godhood.

Knowledge Domain

Whereas Selwolur is the goddess of knowledge uncovered and shared, Wechilon is the goddess of knowledge secreted and horded. She is often revered by mages.

The Firmament

Holds Sacred: Teeth, Wood, Caves, Flowers.

All the stars in the heavens. The innumerable constellations embody every creature or plant or swath of weather.

Nature Domain

Besohur cares for the health of the world, but there is a place in the sky, yes, there, those eight stars, that cares very much for the health of wheat. And those dozen, to the left, Muxadroon wishes well for all insects, but those twelve look down upon the pillbug. They happen to share two stars, you say?

Those Who Fight

Holds Sacred: Hands, Steel, Torches, Salt.

No one god holds dominion over Those Who Fight. These brave spirits cross the sky, trailing their life behind them, fulfilling the mercenary campaigns of whichever deity can rally their services.

War Domain

Comets ply from star to sun to moon to horizon, flaring into existence, burning their path across the Firmament, and winking out.


Holds sacred: Nothing.

There is a place in the sky with no stars, which the suns and moons do not cross. Those Who Fight who cross it cease their battles. There is Nothing there.

Death Domain

An end to life and light. No truth or falsehood, no rage or rebirth. Unknowable. The end of all things.