Sunday, January 25, 2015

Things from Tom Waits songs

I combed through Tom Waits' discography for stuff you could find in an RPG. Some possible uses:
  • An alternate trinket table for fifth edition.
  • Treasure table for your odder sorts of monsters.
  • Starting gear table for a particularly hardscrabble game (each character gets d6 things).
01Three gold rings
02A fishbone skeleton key
03A jawbone violin
04Little golden flies
05An accordion
06The same dead cat
07A hot cup of coffee
08An axe with bloodstains on
09A slowly acting poison
10The eyeball of a rooster
11Scarlet ribbons
12A purple knife
13A bottle of bargain scotch
14The pit from a peach
15Bones of all kinds
16A scrap-iron jaw
17A burgundy shirt
18A cuttlefish bone
19Thistles and brambles
20A drum of bourbon
21A blue trenchcoat
22A sword made from a stick
23Fake diamond earings
24Lipstick and powder and blush
25A heart-shaped bone
26Half a pint of scotch
27A bran' new pair of alligator shoes
28A new silver coin
29A reddish-coloured, vile-smelling fluid
30A big mink coat
31A crooked wand
32A pocket full of flowers
33Some gum and a lighter and a knife
34A beer
35A mouth full of gold teeth
36A red dress
37A church key
38Clusters of white cocoons
39Twenty-nine coins in an alligator purse
40A rusty black rake
41Playing cards
42A minute amount of liquor
43A little chihuahua named Carlos
44A ring made from a spoon
46Two lavender orchids
47Whiskey in a teacup
48Elaborate telescopic meats
49A skillet
50A stainless steel machete
51Enough formaldehyde to choke a horse
52The web of the black spider
53Tilapia fish cakes
54A dowser's wand
55A diamond balanced on a blade of grass
56A whole lot of whiskey
57An organ to detect the ripples
58Peculiar-looking trousers
59A fierce black hound
60A strange guitar
61A rose without a thorn
62A lantern that looks like an alligator egg
63Old busted chains
64A razor
65Rusty nails
66A blind man's cane
67An old pair of shoes
68A bucket full of sin
69A guitar string
70Five gold rings
71At least a hundred old baseballs
72A wilted sunflower
73A needle
74A pitchfork
75A piece of rotten wood
76The key that got lost
77The blood from a bounty hunter's cold, black heart
78A broken cup
79A cold-chiseled dagger
80Hot tar
81A claw hammer
82Leather and chains
83A hat full of feathers
84A can of beans
85A blanket from the moon
86The bone from a hare
87An old shirt that is stained with blood and whiskey
88Red shoes
89A diamond ring
90A red rose
92A bar of soap
93The quill from a buzzard
94Scapular wings covered with feathers and black tape
95A skull and crossbones ring
96A paralyzing fluid
97A church key
99A crowbar
00A bottle full of rain

Not included: Several artfully described guns.

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